Who doomed to go in company with pain,
And fear, and bloodshed, miserable train!
Turns his necessity to glorious gain.

William Wordsworth,
Character of the Happy Warrior

The Spanking Stories Collection at In Company With Pain is a free archive of spanking stories, kink poetry and miscellaneous writings linked to erotic spanking and related fetish areas. Many of the spanking stories were originally posted (by me) to Usenet but are not generally available on newsgroup archives.

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To passion, to paradise, to pain, tonight
Gomez Addams

Spanking remains one of, if not the most popular manifestation of "kinky" sexual practice. In fact it is believed to be so widespread in the general population that it is a moot point as to whether it should be regarded as a normal part of mainstream sexual practice.

"Spanking" however covers a whole spectrum of behaviours, from a passing bottom slap in the midst of a passionate coupling, to a formalised and ritualistic celebration of the spanking act itself. Spanking enthusiasts may also enjoy a range of associated fetishes including roleplay, dressing up and uniforms of many descriptions.

The Spanking Stories Collection at In Company With Pain celebrates all aspects of the spanking subculture, including the associated activities and fetishes, via spank stories and articles, and we extend a warm bottom welcome to you. If you are over 18, and an adult in your jurisdiction, click the link below to come on in.

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